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Therese Ross

Executive Director

Therese is a former early education director and elementary school teacher and brings years of compassionate care to her position as the Executive Director of Rick’s Place. Since her husband’s death, Therese has first hand experience with the challenges of solo parenting after significant loss. She is honored to support youth and their families as they manage their own grief integration journeys. And she is proud to serve as an ambassador to the broader community to teach about the significant impact of grief on children, teens and their families. Therese holds a Masters in Leadership and Negotiation, and she is a Special Education Surrogate parent supporting youngsters in the foster care system.

Charisse Del Vecchio

Intern Supervisor

Charisse is a Doctoral Candidate in the Psychology program at Springfield College. She began volunteering at Rick’s Place in 2018. As a volunteer, she helped run groups in schools and on-site, plan programs and activities, and create a curriculum. She is a community-based therapist working within homes and schools to meet individual, family, and community mental health needs. Her therapeutic background includes work with individuals across the lifespan and she is most enthusiastic about working with families to foster healing and wellness. She is honored to support and advocate for the children and families at Rick’s Place through their grief integration processes.