Volunteer Application

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  • Because our first concern must be the families who come to Rick’s Place, we reserve the right to decide whether an applicant would fit with our program needs. By signing this application, you are agreeing to that policy as well as to reference and background checks.
  • While a facilitator at Rick’s Place, you are agreeing not to date Rick’s Place family members and to participate in all Rick’s Place activities drug and alcohol free.
  • Further, you are confirming that all statements made on this application are correct and that you know of no reason that would prevent you from being a qualified facilitator at Rick’s Place.
  • Finally, you are acknowledging that acceptance to the Rick’s Place volunteer training does not guarantee a position as a Rick’s Place facilitator.

If you agree to these conditions of application, please sign below.

I understand that typing my name constitutes a legal signature and confirmis that I acknowledge and agree to the above Conditions of Application.

Note: Practicing therapists and counselors will be asked to make a deposit of $ 100 for the initial facilitator training,
which shall be refunded if the therapist/counselor completes one year of service with the program or at the Director’s
discretion (if there is agreement not to continue the volunteer’s relationship with Rick’s Place).